I started blogging about five years ago while running my PR business, being a mum and working as a business commentator for a newspaper.  I wanted to write about things I loved, so I dipped my toe in the blogging pond and after immersing my entire foot, I was offered the opportunity to write a lifestyle column, which obviously I consumed in a oner, Scooby Doo style…

From there, I was appointed Lifestyle Editor of a small newspaper (it was soooo cool to have that title!) which I threw into the big mix of client work, raising my son and life.

My blog posts have been intermittent (understatement)!  I spend four days a week working as a Communications Director for a tourism organisation and the rest of the time I’m ghost blogging for clients in the lifestyle world, writing up travel features from far flung trips and I am a single mum navigating my way through the teenage years.

Writing’s what I get paid to do, so why do I always put my blog last on the list?  I don’t know.  Well actually yeah, I do.  I mostly need to focus on the things that pay! That definitely needs to change a little because the whole reason for starting this blog in the first place was to create a little source of empowerment, inspiration and entertainment around the topics of food, fun, fitness, family, travel, beauty, style and some other bits and bobs that hopefully you’ll love if like me, you’re a girl feeling Fortyfied.

This is actually my new blog.  I looked at my old content and tried to migrate it all on to a new site but it all just looked jumbly and ridiculous so I have made a conscious decision to start again from scratch.

I’m holding on to my girl status for a bit longer (ie my entire life).  I hope you read something here that makes you want to do the same.  I am a firm believer that life gets better each year; it ain’t all rosy, but sometimes if you squint your eyes a little you can see that everything actually is going to be ok.  Whether these jeans still fit you or not…

So watch this space…(and I promise you there’ll be something new for you to read each time you do!).

I hope you stay with me until I become Fiftyfied (and beyond…).